South Humber Bank Energy Centre

EP UK Investments (EPUKI) acquired South Humber Bank Power Station from Centrica in 2017.  The existing Power Station site includes a twin Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power plant and its cooling water pumping station, and areas of undeveloped land.

EP UK Investments owns and operates a number of power stations in the UK, including a 2,000-megawatt (‘MW’) coal-fired power station at Eggborough in North Yorkshire (which closed in April 2018 and where an application for a new 2,500 MW gas-fired power station is being promoted) as well as Langage power station (also recently acquired from Centrica) and Lynemouth power station, which has been converted to biomass.

EP SHB Limited, whose parent company is EP UK Investments, is proposing to develop an Energy Centre powered by Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) on land within the existing Power Station site. The Project is known as the South Humber Bank Energy Centre.

The South Humber Bank Energy Centre would support around 50 permanent jobs and be capable of operating for around 30 years. This considerable investment, of around £300m, follows a recent major investment in the existing South Humber Bank Power Station to extend its operational life.

The Planning Permission

Full planning permission for the South Humber Bank Energy Centre was granted by North East Lincolnshire Council on 12 April 2019, for the construction and operation of a plant of up to 49.9MW gross electrical capacity.

 The decision notice (including conditions) and associated documents can be viewed on the documents page of this website. Further details can also be viewed at the North East Lincolnshire Council planning register by using reference DM/1070/18/FUL.

The DCO Application

In order to improve the electrical efficiency of South Humber Bank Energy Centre a Development Consent Order (‘DCO’) is to be applied for. This will raise the maximum gross electrical capacity from 49.9MW to 95MW. This would involve the addition of external and internal equipment compared to the development shown in the planning application, but no change to the maximum building dimensions or the fuel deliveries and throughput proposed.

Following statutory pre-application consultation, the DCO Application will be submitted by EP Waste Management Limited in 2020. The application will be examined by the Planning Inspectorate and then determined by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

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