South Humber Bank Energy Centre Project

EP Waste Management Ltd (EPWM), a subsidiary of EP UK Investments Ltd (EPUKI), is proposing to apply for consent to develop an energy from waste (EfW) power station with a gross electrical output of up to 95 megawatts (MW) on land at the South Humber Bank Power Station (SHBPS) site, South Marsh Road, near Stallingborough in North East Lincolnshire.  The EfW power station will be known as South Humber Bank Energy Centre (SHBEC).

EPUKI acquired the SHBPS site from Centrica in 2017.  The SHBPS site includes a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station with a gross electrical output of around 1,365 MW, a cooling water pumping station and areas of undeveloped land.  SHBEC will be built on undeveloped land within the boundary of the SHBPS site to the east of the CCGT power station (the ‘Site’).

EPUKI owns and operates a number of other power stations in the UK.  These include Langage Power Station, a CCGT power station near Plymouth in Devon; Lynemouth Power Station, a biomass fuelled power station in Northumberland; and power generation assets in Northern Ireland.  EPUKI also owns sites with consent for new CCGT power stations in Norfolk and North Yorkshire.

SHBEC will provide approximately 50 permanent jobs, create around 600 jobs during construction and be capable of operating for around 30 years.  It represents a significant investment by EPWM in North East Lincolnshire (approximately £300 million) and follows a recent major investment by EPUKI in the existing CCGT power station to extend its operational life.

April 2019 Planning Permission

Full planning permission was granted by North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 on 12th April 2019 (the ‘Planning Permission’) for the construction of an EfW power station at the Site with a gross electrical output of up to 49.9 MW (the ‘Consented Development’).  A copy of the Planning Permission and the approved documents and plans can be viewed here.

EPWM is in the process of undertaking detailed design work on the Consented Development. The submission of information to discharge the planning conditions attached to the Planning Permission has already begun and it is anticipated that applications to discharge the conditions regarding the approval of the detailed design of the EfW power station will be submitted to NELC during Q1 2020. EPWM anticipates commencing construction of the Consented Development later in 2020.

Development Consent Application

Since the Planning Permission was granted, EPWM has been assessing potential opportunities to improve the efficiency of the Consented Development and is now proposing an EfW power station with a gross electrical output of up to 95 MW at the Site (the ‘Proposed Development’).  The Proposed Development will require some additional works at the Site (additional to those covered by the Planning Permission), however, no changes are proposed to the maximum building dimensions and fuel throughput that were approved by the Planning Permission.

As the Proposed Development will have a gross electrical output of more than 50 MW, it is classed as a nationally significant infrastructure project (a ‘NSIP’) under the Planning Act 2008, which requires development consent from the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy before it can be constructed and operated.  EPWM anticipates submitting its application for development consent toward the end of Q1 2020.



Pre-application Consultation

Prior to submitting any application for development consent, EPWM is required to carry out pre-application consultation in accordance with the Planning Act 2008.  The consultation involves the local community and a number of other stakeholders.

Our consultation commenced on 29 October 2019 and three public events were held between 12-14 November 2019. Consultation closed on the 13 December 2019. Thank you to all who visited our consultation events and provided feedback.

The consultation materials provided can be accessed on this website via the ‘Development Consent Order Application‘ page.

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